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Your Guide to Impact Investing in NYC

  You have heard about Impact investing and you are wondering where to start. You’re not alone. You are curious about Impact investing in NYC, but not sure you truly understand the concept. You’re not alone. How can an investor possibly maximize both return and impact? Isn’t the “value-creation-pie” only so large? The answer is… Read more »

Impact Investing: How to Get Started

“Everyone is talking about it. Very few people are actually doing it. And those who are doing it, aren’t doing it all that well.”- Abigail Noble, Chief Executive of The ImPact, on Impact investing. Impact investing – the allocation of capital towards companies, organizations and funds with the intention of creating measurable environmental and social… Read more »

How To Know If Impact Investing Is Right For You

  Impact investing, the 2016 buzz word for finance enthusiasts, describes the monetary investment in companies and funds with the intention of generating positive environmental and/or social impact alongside financial return. The phrase has become common-place in recent years, but questions still remain. For example, one typical question is: How do I know if Impact… Read more »

How Do I Know If My Impact Investments Will Actually Make An Impact?

  The proverb, “You cannot manage what you cannot measure”, often attributed to Peter Drucker, has been used by statisticians, business leaders and policymakers, among others, to shape the quantitative measurement necessary to drive key business objectives. Necessary Criteria for Impact Investing: Visible, Measurable Environmental/Social Impact As the field of Impact investing has grown rapidly… Read more »

10 Reasons Why Impact Investing Can Be Beneficial

  Impact investing continuously solidifies the notion that financial return and environmental and/or social impact need not be mutually exclusive. Here’s why. 1. Financial Returns Impact investing, or investing with the intent of creating impact alongside financial return, often leads to higher performance for a longer period of time, as compared to conventional investment strategies…. Read more »

The Trump Challenge

  Instead of worrying about what a Trump presidency will do to this country or what it says about America, let’s consider appropriate ways to respond through capital markets intervention. The wave of investor capital flowing into portfolios that incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) metrics continues to grow at an unprecedented rate. The just… Read more »

Is Your Practice Ready for Millennial Investors?

  What’s the first thing Millennials will do when they inherit their portion of the $30 trillion wealth transfer from Baby Boomers? Change advisors. That’s right. Investment industry research shows that Millennials plan to find advisors who understand them better and meet their needs more effectively than the advisors who have been working with their… Read more »

The Difference Between SRI, ESG and Impact Investing

  The investment landscape is rapidly evolving. At the forefront of change lies Impact investing, albeit this concept is not novel. The Evolution of Responsible Investing Socially responsible investing, otherwise known as SRI, emerged in the 1970s when investors began including or avoiding specific stocks or industries in their investment portfolios through positive or negative… Read more »

An Achilles Heel: Fiduciary Duty

  The Achilles heel of Impact investing, as with all prior iterations, is fiduciary duty: a legal obligation to act with prudence and loyalty. Fiduciary duty is the highest – or strictest – obligation recognized by law. A fiduciary relationship, in its optimal state, occurs when one party, the “beneficiary”, places complete confidence in another… Read more »

Environmental and Social Causes Your Investments Can Impact

  The opportunities for investing with impact are vast, as such an investment strategy can be applied across industries, asset classes and geographies. Impact investing enables investors the opportunity to obtain both returns and meaning from their investment dollars. The old way of investing was constrained by parameters and boundaries. The old way of investing… Read more »